• Low Cost
    Save money and multiple advertising channels
  • Replicable Marketing
    Lead to lead generation, let you customers find you customers
  • Versatile Marketing
    Use any strategy to attract your potential customers
  • Flexible and Custom
    Create a game, competition or any attractive viral content
get new leads through existing customers

grow your brand engagement
through existing customers

How do you keep your existing customers engaging with your brand without any intense content delivered by means of electronic letters, news and blogs? How can you integrate your brand with your existing customer’s leisure time and influence them to influence friends and family.

Simply tie your brand and make it memorable to your clientele everywhere they are by means of viral custom campaigns consisting of games, quizzes, competitions, gift cards, giveaways, free bees and fun sharable content to social platforms.

With no doubt, people like free staff, spare 5% of your profits and make your brand exciting for your existing clients by means of custom social viral campaigns.

If they are permanently excited about it, they are most probably to share it with friend and family and you’re most likely to have new sales leads for your business.

What is Social Viral Marketing?

what is social viral marketing?
does your business need this?

Viral Marketing is a campaign that is objected to generate interest and the potential sale of a brand or product through messages that spread like a virus, very quickly, from one person influenced to involve and share the vibe and message with another person.

The ultimate goal is to have your current users and subscribers growing you’re list of your subscribers, recruiting more followers for your brand.

A viral marketing campaign can be developed in many different forms, this maybe a game, a competition page which can prompt users to share on their social accounts and platform to qualify for a successfully entry.

Every viral campaigns is intended to be strategic, attractive and most importantly, to enable you customers to share, it must be exciting and catchy.

Low Cost
Save money and multiple advertising channels
Save money on advertising, no need for buying likes, your current existing users will do work for you, a minimum number of 10 subscribers can drastically increase to 1000 more subscribers without extra effort.

Viral marketing campaigns can save time, money and resources by consolidating the following into one custom made social campaign.

  • Save on multiple social platforms
  • One platform sharable to multiple platforms
  • Save money on targeting different marketing segments
  • Target all demographics and markets
  • Save money on traditional marketing
Rapid Lead Generation
Advantages of viral campaigns
Although we can't argue that we all focus on sales leads that result from viral marketing campaigns, we also can't ignore the fact that viral marketing can have tremendous impact on social generation. Of course people will always gravitate to any trending topic, yes everyone might not be ready to purchase yet or become a converting sales lead. But, if you attract enough attention from them through viral marketing, they will certainly keep you in mind for the day they are ready to convert.
Potential of great reach
Advantages of viral campaigns
A simple product video animation uploaded on the internet can potentially reach international audience with less investment of money, this can drive potential international sales leads to your business.
It's Not Invasive
Advantages of viral campaigns
It is not invasive, in a viral marketing campaign, a user will always be the one choosing to participate, which means viral marketing campaigns will never come across as invasive. This way makes the perception of the brand and the interaction with its potential sales leads significantly better, compared other more classical forms of advertising.