Pay Per Click Advertising

pay per click advertising is a highly
cost effective method of advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is the process of buying phrases or keywords relevant to your company in a Paid Search platform such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

The instant results that pay per click advertising can produce for a business make it such an popular, fast and attractive marketing channel minimising the period from investment to profit for start ups and increasing revenue fast for established companies.

Pay per click (PPC) is an extremely effective advertising and marketing method which drives relevant traffic to your site from the moment your campaign begins.

You can target specific demographics or locations, and see exactly how each campaign is performing.

Google AdWords South Africa

pay per Click Campaign creation
how we manage successful campaigns

Pay per click works by defining the key words that potential consumers use to search for a particular product, brand and service accurately.

Our Google AdWords and Bing Ads management experts across our creative studios will work with you to research and define those keywords.

SA Global Connect team will bid for those keywords on our customers behalf, with the intention of creating highly targeted Google ads around those searched phrases.

Your account. Your data. Your adspend

We just help you get more from it. Objective first, channel-second, every campaign is focused on achieving your goals within budget.

Our Google Adwords Process

  • we research our customers market and find the right relevant and right key-phrases and keywords
  • Writing innovative and targeted adverts to ensure maximum click through ratios
  • We then create targeted and compelling landing pages for each campaign
  • Will make necessary modifications on keywords on every analysis according to how they perform.
  • Increasing or decreasing cost per clicks as required to maximise your ROI
  • Focusing on the ads/terms that convert the most and cost the least
Google AdWords South Africa

successful pay per click
average campaign results

our customers see the following results after atleast three month period of SA Global Connect managing their campaigns

  • Return on investment increased by 88%
  • Revenue increased by 157%
  • Cost per click reduced by 16%
  • Click-through rate increased by 34%