Save cost and do it yourself

Do It Yourself (DIY)
& Save Maintenance Cost

Many people invest money on initial project development, sometimes the outcomes of the initial goal of their entities make it impossible for them to keep up with their website, social and software maintenance cost.

We always advice business start-ups not to undergo retainer option and try do it themselves if they can spare an hour or two. Hence we have developed a Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Social Media Management Academy to enable anyone who would like to get their hands dirty and save maintenance costs do it own their own.

A once off WordPress or Joomla training can save you our R750 Studio hourly rate on updating your own website content, updating images, running Facebook Campaigns, Managing Pay Per Click Campaigns and accessing Reporting anytime of the day when required.

Below is a list of available course we provide on our DIY Academy.

Content Management System

website design using
WordPress framework

WordPress website development is a framework that has currently become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world.

The WordPress framework powers more than 40% of the websites around the world and it is rapidly growing!

This framework is a content management system that allows website owners, editors, and authors to manage their website and publish content without any programming knowledge.

what you can do with this framework

benefits of using
WordPress framework

  • Manage your own website content
  • Add and remove website pages
  • Add and edit videos, images and downloads
  • Change website styling, colors, looks and layouts
  • Sell products using WooCommerce plugin

Moodle e-Learning System

Moodle e-learning system is the world’s most popular learning platform, with over 153,000,000 users worldwide.

A every powerful e-learning application designed and developed to provide learners, administrators and educators with a single secure, robust and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

SA Global provides Moodle training academy, Moodle configuration, installation and technical support on the Moodle framework.

  • Manage course registrations
  • Manage courses
  • Manage course enrollments
  • Manage student and participants
  • Create announcements and events
  • Create student forums and discussion

Social Media Management

Once we’ve created your unique awesome logo, you need the corporate stationery to go with it and bring it all together.

Every small business, organization and sole proprietors are forced to have a solid understanding of how to market and grow their brands through social channels.

Our social media master academy provides you with an extensive training on essential and popular social media platforms to effectively manage your own social platforms.

SA Global provides social media management training academy for personal enterprises, small companies, and large corporates to successfully increase their brand awareness through social marketing.

  • Social media advertising
  • Social content writing
  • Social viral campaigns
  • Generate leads
  • Humanize your brand
  • Increase website traffic

Email Marketing Training

Stay in touch with your customers through electronic newsletters, promotions and events on their mailbox.

Design, create and send your own email marketing campaigns through our powerful email marketer application designed to help your business communicate reliably, personally, and automatically over email.

We provide training on our email marketing software to help you communicate with your customers in an easy, quick and personal approach through our email marketing master academy.

  • Send any type of email communication
  • Improve sales and increase revenue
  • Personalize your customer relations
  • Build trust with your subscribers
  • Improve sales and increase revenue
  • Manage, grow and segment your database

Social Media Management

It is of utmost importance and essential to be aware of the best practices of Google AdWords and pay per click.

Search marketing, pay per click advertising known as Google AdWords, is one of the simplest applications to use for advertising your business online, although may not yield intended results if not done properly.

SA Global provides ultimate pay per click (PPC) advertising short course which will set you in the right direction for your AdWords Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Improving quality scores
  • Smart keyword research for search campaings
  • Lower your pay per click costs
  • Creating strategic content for maximum potential