Corporate Branding Companies in Johannesburg

We analyze your industry, apply or expertise
and enthusiasm to provide a roadmap to success

SA Global Connect is stands out from the rest of corporate branding companies in Johannesburg by
consistently delivering exceptionally high quality work for which we are becoming renowned.

Creating a world-class branding doesn’t happen by chance. It is purely result of disciplined, strategic thinking and expert creativity. We render strategic services that can help grow companies and individuals through branding and corporate identity development, so that your brand conveys that certain quality or characteristic which makes it special or unique.

Working with our Brand Creative Studio, we will create your brand name, slogan, logo, mascot character, corporate stationery, brand packaging, billboard ads and related print material.

We build new brands and rebrand existing companies’ brands, we refine what is not working and make meaningful tweaks to re-energize your brand and your business.

Your new brand must preserve the best of the legacy brand while leaving behind those brand pillars that no longer reflect current reality.

professional logo design

As Professional Business Logo Designers we place priority on superior service and creating unique quality business logo design for each client.

It is the success of every relevant and engaging brand we create that makes us who we are, the #1 creative agency within all corporate branding companies in Johannesburg

A professionally designed logotype, a graphical display of your unique identity must brand your company name, be the face of your business, be eye-catching, stand out from the crowd and attract more business from your specific target audience.

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putting it all together

Once we’ve created your unique awesome logo, you need the corporate stationery to go with it and bring it all together.

It is vital to ensure that your brand integrity is solid on everything that goes out into the market, from your business cards to your email signature, will make your customers internalize your brand and keep it top of mind.

Together with being immediately recognizable, your brand’s image will also be professional and cohesive, making sure everything you do, using print or digital platforms, reinforces your brand’s identity.

  • Letterheads
  • Email signatures
  • Business cards
  • Company profiles
  • Corporate folders
  • Billboards
  • Envelopes
  • Invoice books
  • Corporate gifting
  • Labels
  • Notepads
  • Vehicle wrapping
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